Culinary Adventures

Since moving to Australia my interest in cooking has grown exponentially.  I love being in the kitchen and trying new things.  I’ve begun a small cookbook collection and I never miss an episode of Masterchef if I’m at home.  I thought that I would start a new page to keep a collection of some of the things I’ve cooked up.  Many of these are old recipes that I have already posted, but I’ll try to keep adding things as I go.  So shoot me a message or leave a comment if you’d like the full recipe for any of the tasty treats you see here!

Love, Emma

Fixin’ up some guacamole on a trip down South

One of my proudest baking achievements: a perfect Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

My butterfly cupcakes are in very good company

Chocolate peanut butter fudge: tricky but yum!

I love anything with sour cream and avocado: Fajita Chicken Salad

Thai Green Curry is one of my all-time favorite meals. I know it looks a little sloppy, but it is completely delicious.  The smell in our kitchen is simply heavenly.

One day I just felt like making these White Chocolate Macadamia Muffins.  They taste best warm.  Sadly my piping bag popped a tiny hole so the glaze isn’t the prettiest, but I still had fun with it.

This is the 1st prize-winning White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake Matt and I made for our friend Thuy’s Masterchef birthday party.  It won both Best Dessert and Favorite of the Birthday girl.  You’re gonna want to try this recipe!!

One of our greatest triumphs yet, spinach and ricotta gnocchi! Next time we attempt these, we’ll be making them a bit smaller.  They almost look like meatballs!

The rule at Matt’s office is that when it’s your birthday, you bring a cake.  This year I made a hummingbird cake for him to take.  It’s a great one if you need to bake a few days in advance.  The banana and pineapple in it keep it super moist.  It tastes like a cross between banana bread and carrot cake.  YUM.

I already had a chance to show these off in a recent post, but I couldn’t resist adding them to my Culinary Adventures collection.  What a smart and cool idea.  So happy I have Isabelle (of Three Belles) to inspire me.

This is a Donna Hay recipe, and it is a Chicken and Leek Pie.  It tasted absolutely incredible and was so easy to make.  It is the first savory pie I have ever made and I was gushing with pride over it.  Matt and I thought it was completely delicious.  It will surely become a staple in our household.

Here it is again with all of the filing spilling out.  I can always count on DH to come up with fast and simple recipes to make cooking a delight, rather than a chore.  I feel so fulfilled when I’ve put a reasonable amount of work into a meal and it turns out fabulous. I assured Matt that this is something he could easily make without me if the situation arises. Honestly this could not have been simpler and it was very tasty!

Tasty American treats!The magic ingredients for some extra special cookies.

Peanut butter!!!

Peanut butter is my all-time favorite

Peanut butter cup cookies!And voila! One day I just had a hankering for these little guys. Too bad the chocolates are so expensive in Australia, this is only a “sometimes” treat. Super easy to make and oh so YUM!

Crusted lamb cutletsPart of becoming Australian means embracing lamb. I just love it, and some beautifully seasoned cutlets are a real pleasure to NOM.

Happy 4th!Some red velvets from last year’s 4th of July. These are one of my little specialties, I love them!

My little red white and BLeaUtiEsMy little red white and blue velvets. These are really popular and I often bring them in share situations.

Apron is a great accessoryYou can never have too many aprons. I have three, but I would love to keep collecting. I don’t get ones that are too “pretty” since I often am wiping eggs whites and other messes on them and I go.

Sunday BrunchI love treating Matt to pancakes, crepes and french toast on weekends (not all at once, of course!)

CIMG5839Emma’s signature salad: Lettuce (duh), strawberries, walnuts and poppy seed dressing. I made this combo a few times several summers ago and after awhile my dad started suggesting, “why don’t you make your salad?” So simple, but delish! In Australia poppy seed dressing is hard to come by, so I often substitute honey mustard dressing.

Not the actual cookie I made, but it looks the same (too lazy to take photos tonight)Brownie cookies are my two favorite things together at last.


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