Making Lemonade

Not often do I use this blog for product promotion, but this time I’ve stumbled upon something truly special.  Yesterday I was browsing my Facebook news feed when I noticed a link post from an old college acquaintance.  Her description announced it was her “latest blog post for The Zesty Digest.”  Not knowing she was a blogger, I was intrigued.

The Zesty Digest is a daily blog by an ezine called Sweet Lemon Magazine.  After reading Margaret’s article about healthy snacking, I found myself clicking through the archive finding myriad interesting posts.

The most exciting part, however, was the photo on the right under “magazine stand.”  The cover girl for the current Sweet Lemon issue is Inslee Haynes, a fellow W&L grad!

I discovered Inslee’s company by chance (again through Facebook) as we weren’t close back in college and I didn’t have her in my friends list.  I’m fairly certain I would have mentioned her site before, but I’ll do so again anyway.  She is an inspiration to girls with a dream.  She took what most would consider to be a “hobby” to the next level and has made it into a career.

Inslee by Design is absolutely fabulous.  As a fashion illustrator, Inslee makes cards, calendars, sketches, prints, invitations and does commissions.  I have been a fan of hers for quite a while now; her cards are great to give as presents or to keep.  I will soon be getting some of her prints now that Matt and I are redecorating the office.  I’m also planning on snapping up the 2013 calendar and some more cards for Christmas.  (Gift idea alert!)

I won’t post more images from Inslee because I want my readers clicking the links and checking her out!  Her site has always been in my blogroll, but feel free to browse her blog and also her Facebook page.  I find creative people so inspiring, and I am so happy that she has been such a success.

But back to Sweet Lemon for a moment…After reading through some of the back issues and the current issue cover to cover, I have learned a lot, and I cannot wait to write-up my own pitches for submission.  The great thing about Sweet Lemon is that even if every article doesn’t apply directly to me, it’s still great seeing so many strong, talented 20-somethings on the pages of a magazine.  I’m getting really tired of all the celebrities and the mags focusing solely on sex.  This magazine is about fashion, cooking, travel, lifestyle and above all REAL PEOPLE.  I have several ideas floating around in my head and I cannot wait to put them on paper (well, in internet form).

Even if you don’t have time to browse the whole magazine this weekend, at least check out The Zesty Digest.  They post new articles everyday from real women around the country (and presumably the world).  I hope I can be a helpful Aussie correspondent!


Reblog: I’m Starting to Wear Lipstick

Okay so this isn’t EXACTLY a reblog, but it’s inspired by a post from a friend of mine, so I need to give credit where it’s due.  Plus it’s a great entry, so other people should read it!

My dear friend and college roommate wrote this over a year ago, but I stumbled across it the other day: I’m Starting to Wear Lipstick.  It was really bizarre to me to be reading this because I myself had been tempted lately to start playing more with makeup.  Matt loves when I look natural, and for the most part I prefer it as well, but sometimes when I go to parties I like to mix it up with a bit of lippy and some eye shadow.

Kat was the first person to show me that makeup can be fun.  I’m not even embarrassed to admit we used to plunk down in front of her full-length mirror and just raid our makeup kits and experiment.

Yesterday I put on lipstick before heading out to work.  It was a subtle color and though it was noticeable I was wearing it, I didn’t think it was much of a change.  I also put on eyeliner.  Normally I just throw on a bit of mascara and I’m out the door.  Everyone commented.  All my coworkers asked where I was going after work; all the customers the same.  Matt says I just have a face where even a little makeup is really noticeable.  Funny experiment really, but I’m not sure I’d repeat it for work.

I started thinking a lot about Kat over the weekend because I’ve started catching up on Pretty Little Liars again.  It’s a very girly, very dramatic mystery show, and I can’t get enough!  The girls on the show are all dressed to the nines including full makeup, loud jewelry and heels everyday.

Now I’m not even sure Kat watches PLL, but she and her sisters resemble the character of Aria (Lucy Hale) a scary amount (third one from the left).  I always think of her immediately when Lucy comes on screen.  Whenever I watch this show, it makes me want to throw on a pair of heels and just ENJOY being female.  I realize this is totally unrealistic, but I can’t help it!

I got my temporary residency a little over a week ago and it’s completely thrilling.  When we get back from America I’ll start applying for a grown-up job.  When I think about our upcoming trip, I can’t help but squeal with excitement knowing I can soon stock up on smart feminine clothing for my new professional life.  I think I have problems…

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

…Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.  Happy 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans!!!  Nobody does “the holidays” like us Yanks, and I did my part to celebrate this evening.  4th of July the Emma way means lots of baking!

Last year I made sugar cookies with red, white and blue frosting.  This time around I decided to go with one of my absolute favorite treats: red velvet cupcakes!

Red velvet batter is by far the most delicious kind.  Matt and I were quite eager to clean this bowl.  Cupcake batter turns me into a child; I nearly spoiled my dinner.

I poked a hole in my piping bag the last time I made cupcakes, so tonight I used a makeshift one using a Ziploc bag.  Didn’t turn out as polished, but they still look tempting!  The cream cheese frosting recipe comes from Australian Women’s Weekly.

If you want to make a batch yourself, check out Carrot Top Mom.  (Though I would find your own cream cheese frosting recipe.  Hers hasn’t work for me, and I’ve tried it 3 different times.)

Sadly there isn’t much white in my festive ensemble.  I love this little red and navy shirt/dress.  I got it at Target of all places.  My red H&M tights and navy Keds pair really well with the dress as well.  My watch is the pop of white to complete my patriotic get-up.

For my family, the 4th means spending the long weekend together up at our cabin.  It’s on a small lake in Wisconsin.  I’m sure my parents and sisters will spend the day barbecuing and water-skiing.  I’m sad to miss out, but I’m happy to have indulged my need to acknowledge the day.  And when it almost fell apart (I forgot to buy cream cheese), I had my best buddy around to go pick it up for me.

30 in 30: En Sommaire

Here it is, as promised, the 30 in 30 wrap-up post.  I’m actually excited to write this because I’m keen to share my thoughts on the general experience.  But first, here they are again all together for your viewing pleasure!

30 in 30 was a great experience for me for a number of reasons.  It renewed my appreciation for what’s in my wardrobe, but even better, it helped me create outfits I’d never worn before.  It’s a pretty cool thing when you can create something completely new out of the seemingly boring stuff that hangs in your closet.

If had to pick a favorite, well, I couldn’t.  So I’ll go with a top 3 instead.  Days 7, 22 and 26 were my favorites to wear.  In photos it becomes harder to choose, but I know those days made me feel the absolute best.

I’d have to say the very best thing about 30 in 30 is that it gave me a reason to get dressed everyday.  Even when I was sick, or hurt or just plain lazy, I still pondered over my clothes and made it work.  I think when you force yourself to pick an outfit everyday, and give it careful thought, it makes you want to get out and give it a “fair go.”  I loved to be seen in my 30 in 30 ensembles.

Special thanks to everyone who’s been following the challenge. (Let me know if you had a particular favorite!) And I especially want to give a shout out to Matt for taking the majority of the photos.  It’s been a fun experience, but now I can’t wait to start wearing the rest of the pieces in my closet!

Thirty, and we’re at an end.

A combination of my being very busy yesterday and incredibly slow internet have forced the lateness of this final outfit post.  The internet is still crawling, so I may have to keep this short.  I plan on writing a quick 30 in 30 wrap up post later anyway.

Yesterday I wore my Urban Outfitters cardi, my white Seed Femme Tee, the Levi’s black jeans and Piper riding boots.  It was the perfect outfit to go wat the Perth hockey team.  A professional game for $20.  Not too shabby.  I went with a couple of my mates from soccer.

After the game I headed home to eat and change before our friend Tony’s birthday drinks.  Poor Matty stayed home sick, so I ventured out solo.  I had the best time catching up with people I hadn’t seen in ages.  It’s so great how just two years ago I arrived here basically friendless, and now I have so many amazing people in my life here.

One of my highlights of the weekends is when Matt and I get to sit down and have breakfast together.  Saturday morning usually involves something with syrup and a big pot of delicious tea.

Check back for the 30 in 30 recap.  It’s taken me ages to get this posted with the snail’s pace internet.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll pop into a cafe for some free high-speed access. Until tomorrow then!

Twenty-Nine, second to last!

Another lovely Friday off from work.  A lingering virus threatened to ruin the day, but I don’t believe in letting my life stop just because I’ve got a cold.  I think I was freaking people out with my raging cough, though…

The best thing to have on hand when getting over a bad cold is a good book.  When I say a good book, I don’t mean the highest quality of literature.  Anything that is easy, light and enjoyable reading is best.  A good girly novel is a definite way to go.  This one is about clothes, which is even better!







I met Hannah and Maria for a coffee at my favorite place: Brownhaus in Subiaco.  They have such lovely drinks and desserts.  It’s a four page menu, quite impressive for a café.  If you’re a Perth local, try one of the Dutch coffees.  It’s the best cup around!

I wasn’t in much of a mood for coffee, so today I tried a mint latte with Belgian chocolate.  It was heavenly.

After Brownhaus we quickly popped into my favorite bookshop in Perth.  Hannah and I love this place, and Maria had never been.  I always find the coolest books in here.  It’s a great place to find gifts and is great for fashion literature.

This ensemble features a dress I haven’t worn yet in 30 in 30.  I keep saving it for a special occasion, but this is always a mistake when it comes to clothes.  The best things are worn often and with love.  This gorgeous dress is one I bought from Ann Taylor a few years ago for no reason at all.  At the time the sales assistant explained that it had completely sold out in my size within the first day on the racks.  This one happened to have been returned only moments before.  Just my luck, it’s a perfect fit!  It pairs nicely with my grey tights, witchy boots and Ann Taylor cardi.

Matt and I have settled in for the night with love heart chicken parm.  I’m almost out of tissues, but I’m happy to have an evening in with my fella.  Happy weekend all!

28 and in her honor

Today’s outfit draws inspiration from one of the most radiant women in mythological history.  Greek mythology has always been an avid interest of mine.  Artemis is my favorite of the Ancient Greek deities.  She is confident and strong and doesn’t need a man to define her worth.

Artemis (or Diana to the Romans) is the goddess of the hunt.  She is the purest of the goddesses and lives in the forests of Ancient Greece.  I think in these modern times, Artemis would roam the woods in something like this.

My braided ponytail and sturdy brown riding boots give that aura of the huntress.  I always wear my hair this way when I play sports or go running.  It’s one of the reasons I wanted to grow my hair long years ago.  I love the tough yet graceful look of a high swishy braid.

The billowy floral top is from Bardot.  I loved it the instant I saw it.  This is the element that really says “modern-day Artemis” to me.  The Ancient Greeks were all about drapery, and this is the only element of the outfit that nods to that style.

The H&M jeans are perfect for running around.  They are nearly too big for me, so I’ve got a strong belt holding them up.  To be a hunter, you need to be able to move!

I love pretty socks!  Like undergarments, socks are special because they can be your little secret.  I love cute things that no one sees but me.  Wearing fun socks is one more reason why wearing boots is so fun.

Along with Artemis, I also found inspiration in a dystopian future.  Katniss Everdeen makes hunting sexy and stylish without even trying.  (Though I suppose the stylist team for the movie gave every element of this outfit heaps of thought.)  I loved the character in the books, and the movie did her justice completely.  Katniss would totally wear my boots if she lived in this universe.  Bonus tidbit: Liam Hemsworth (shown above) is an Australian actor! He and his brother are HOT.

I love this photo.  It shows how one of my new favorite celebrities can pull off the Greek look as well.  What a beautiful woman.  I love that there are so many up and coming actresses who are strong and beautiful.  No wonder I find her inspiring.