Nineteen’s a Gap Day

When I got to boxing today I realized my shoulder and neck were quite sore on my right side.  Not-so-surprisingly it hurt ten times worse after the session.  Now I can hardly lift anything with that arm.

Needless to say it was difficult enough just getting into my pajamas.  So there will be no special 30 in 30 outfit today.  Instead I’ve opted for a mini-challenge.  This Saturday I will create two looks based on one essential piece.  I feel a bit like a failure, but I’m excited at the prospect of creating an outfit for day, and one for night out of the same garment.  I’m thinking black blazer…

Please forgive me!


Author: emma a.

I'm Emma, a Minnesota girl getting back in touch with my creative side. Since graduating university in 2008 (the first time), I've been traveling and living abroad. Seven years ago I settled in Australia with my husband. I love running, reading, writing, knitting and pilates. I'm also a physiotherapy student and soon-to-be mother of a baby boy.

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