Deep breath, here we go…

Day number one of my 30 in 30 challenge.  You would think I’d have picked something beautiful, dramatic and quintessentially “Emma” for the first day. Instead I reverted back to typical habits, and I think day numéro un is the perfect time to explain how I choose an outfit.

I am one of those girls who changes into pajamas as soon as I get home.  I am practically undressing as I fumble through the front door; I like being comfy that much.  I hate for any day to mean multiple outfits, as this seems wasteful.  I love to give an ensemble a true wear.  So today I went about prioritizing to pick this first combo.

Top: Witchery

Scarf: Myer

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Seed Femme



After work today I had a few things packed in before dinnertime.  I had a quick (but relaxed) afternoon tea with a friend, I grocery shopped for the long weekend, and I had a massage booked for 5:30.  Of all of these activities, the massage was my priority.  The feeling of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is the icing on the cake after a healthy pampering session.  So I went with this extremely casual outfit for the first day. To cut the dull, I added splashes of color:

The scarf is a freebie I got from Myer when I happened to spend enough on some killer new tan boots.  The bracelet was a present from my good friend, Colette.  She gave it to me years ago, but it’s still my favorite little accessory when I need a hint of color to break up a less-than-vibrant outfit.

Lastly, to complete the cozy ensemble, I opted to pack my soft little moccasins. I wear these wonderful little guys all over the place.  I doubt a day goes by when I don’t slip them on at some point or another.

I’d say day one was a great success. Remember: Rather than making time for constant quick changes, set your priorities for the day and pick the outfit that best suits. Cheers friends, see you tomorrow!


Author: emma a.

I'm Emma, a Minnesota girl getting back in touch with my creative side. Since graduating university in 2008 (the first time), I've been traveling and living abroad. Seven years ago I settled in Australia with my husband. I love running, reading, writing, knitting and pilates. I'm also a physiotherapy student and soon-to-be mother of a baby boy.

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