Surprise Attacks

Matt has been spoiled rotten with two birthday celebrations this year, and it’s not even real his birthday until Monday.  I haven’t been at liberty to write about it of late, but we (his friend Danny and I) threw him a surprise party.  I know it was a shocking and incredibly humbling experience for him.  The aim was to show our love and appreciation and I think for some it was an awesome excuse to wear a costume.  The theme was the letter M, and some people went out and got very creative with it.  We even had 3 Mad Hatters who managed to look nothing alike!

Part two of the festivities occurred today.  Matt organized for all of his friends to go paintballing at a place about 1/2 hour outside of the city.  I’d never been before and I have to say it was a really fun experience overall.  I did get one shot to the head, which hurt like heck, and at one point my gun malfunctioned, but I still managed to go through 600 pellets in 6 or 7 rounds.  100 of those bullets I won by being the first person of my team to reach a “bomb” being protected by our opponents.  Once you’re hit, you’re out until the next round, so I was quite proud of my own stealth.  I did have quite a bit of help in the form of backup from my fabulous teammate and friend, Lauren.

Besides planning stuff for Matt, I did manage to get a good job right as I was leaving the Subiaco Hotel.  I was devastated to leave that job, but now I’ve completed my first week or so at (A)Lure.  It’s a fine dining restaurant and quite high brow.  I like the people and the management are great, but I do still miss my old job.  I suppose I need to give it a little longer to get a better feel.  Many of the girls I’ve started bonding with are actually leaving in a few weeks.  We have new staff starting next week, and I’ll be glad not to be at the bottom of the food chain soon.


Author: emma a.

I'm Emma, a Minnesota girl getting back in touch with my creative side. Since graduating university in 2008 (the first time), I've been traveling and living abroad. Seven years ago I settled in Australia with my husband. I love running, reading, writing, knitting and pilates. I'm also a physiotherapy student and soon-to-be mother of a baby boy.

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