Where has the time gone? There isn’t any.

We are still really short-staffed at my place of employment, yet the prestige of the illustrious Subiaco Hotel lives on with a vengeance.  As if the establishment wishes to make up for lost time, (aka January when no one goes out or spends money after the holidays) we have been packed to the rafters at nearly every meal for weeks.  Everyone is getting at least one more shift than they’ve asked for, meaning I get 6 per week.  Roughly 40-50 hours.  Needless to say I’ve been squeezing in the smallest hint of a social life where I can.

I did, however, get the whole weekend off for my birthday party (after a great deal of waving my magic wand and imploring my coworkers to have a heart).  It was amazing!  Unfortunately most of it took place in a casino, so I don’t have any photos to share.  We started off at dinner at a place called Yù.  It’s within the same complex as our hotel and the casino and is the only fine dining asian cuisine one can find at Burswood.

There were twelve of us at dinner, including a few girls from the basketball team, some of my friend who play soccer with me, and a number of Matt’s “best mates” from high school.  All of these people have become wonderful friends over the 8 months I have spent in Perth.

We shared about 10 main courses.  They’d seated us at a round lazy-susan table, so sharing was fairly simple.  After dinner we met up with more people in the casino.  I played roulette and blackjack and ended up $10 up for the night.  I quit once I got the slightest bit ahead, but I enjoyed watching others play.  I wouldn’t say there’s any real risk of addiction on my part.  Matt also ended the night up, though like me he quickly quit while he was ahead.

Matt and I spent the night in the hotel and had a lovely breakfast buffet in the morning.  It really felt nice to just escape everything.  I love being a bit older now, where a birthday is about more than just party activities and presents (though I did get some nice presents too).  Mostly I just appreciated seeing all my friends in one place and having the weekend off with Matt.

Yesterday was Matt’s and my 2-year anniversary.  In some ways I can’t believe how fast time as gone, and in others it’s been a snail’s race.  It’s odd to me that it’s been over 2 years since I hit a major natural milestone in my life.  I cannot believe I’ve been able to know him that long, yet he didn’t see me graduate college.  He never knew me when I lived in Edina.  He’s never even met any of my W&L friends.

To celebrate our 2 years, we had a picnic in King’s Park.  We brought cheese, grapes, wine, prosciutto and other little fixin’s and set up the feast on beach towels.  King’s Park overlooks the entire city and is a gorgeous place to be at night.  Unfortunately we forgot bug spray and had to retreat to the car after about 10 minutes.  Still, we finished off in style, spreading our banquet as best we could on the backseat, noting that this manner of silliness is so typical of us.

After we’d stuffed ourselves, we headed off to watch my indoor soccer team’s 3rd game of the new season.  Everyone has been so keen to play this season that I offered to sit out this game so we wouldn’t have too many people.  It’s only 5 people on at a time, so anything over 7 people just gets to be too much.  Even 2 subs is a lot for us to organize.

I thought I’d be sad sitting on the bench, but I actually had a great time.  Many of our male friends show up to every game, so it was cool being swept up in the crowd of supporters.  We girls went and watched many of these boys play in their own semifinal last night.  I go every week that I can, of course, since it’s Matt’s team.  The girls are dying to come to another game.

We won 6-1!  That one goal is actually the first time anyone has managed to score on us all season.  Lauren and Hannah were the goalkeepers last night and both had some pretty awesome saves.  Our first game of the season was on my actual birthday.  We won 9-0, and three of the goals were mine.  I’d had drinks after work with friends and coworkers as well, so I’d been a little tipsy for the game.  Apparently that works to my advantage.  Our game last week we won 3-0, though we didn’t play as well.  For a team that only won 2 games all of last season, we are certainly looking good.

My friend from work, Franzi, joined our team this time around since I had so much trouble getting enough people together each week last season.  She made her debut last night.  It’s almost too bad that we have too many people interested each week, because I just know Franzi will improve by leaps and bounds in a matter of a few short weeks (much like many of the girls did last season).  Everyone’s agreed to take turns sitting out.  It’s just as much fun supporting, in my opinion.  Just being a part of the team is awesome, especially now that we’re winning and having more fun than ever!


Author: emma a.

I'm Emma, a Minnesota girl getting back in touch with my creative side. Since graduating university in 2008 (the first time), I've been traveling and living abroad. Seven years ago I settled in Australia with my husband. I love running, reading, writing, knitting and pilates. I'm also a physiotherapy student and soon-to-be mother of a baby boy.

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