This week Matt and I had quite the Saturday night.  I didn’t want to write about it until I felt like it was official, but I’ve finally landed a casual job!  My first training shift was on Saturday evening from 5-9.  They called it a trial, but with my previous restaurant experience, I didn’t find it too difficult to keep with the pace of the establishment.

Yes, I found a restaurant job!  I couldn’t believe it when they offered me a trial because I have not heard a peep from any other place where I’ve stopped in or submitted a resume.  People seem a little hesitant to hire anyone without permanent residency or whose visa expires in less than 12 full months.

As it turns out, this Italian place seems to hire nothing but foreigners.  I met people from India, Hungary, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and of course, Italy.  There was even a French girl!  I spoke a little French with her, but it’s my understanding that most people prefer to speak the language of the country they are in.

I spent the night running drinks and busing tables.  When I finished 1/2 hour later than promised, they explained that it was almost never that chaotic.  Besides my aching calf muscles, I really enjoyed the experience.  I need to get used to work on my feet again.  They told me to call today to get the roster of my future shifts.  Hopefully they haven’t forgotten me already, I’m really looking forward to an income!

Poor Matt came on time to pick me up as I hadn’t had a spare second to text him to come later.  I had to use some sort of invented sign language and exaggerated mouthing through the window to indicate to him to go home.  When he actually came to pick me up, we had about 5 minutes to change and get ready for his friend Libby’s party.

So both feeling exhausted, we went back out.  He’d also had an extremely busy shift, and we were both pretty desperate for a shower.  We ended up having a really great time at Libby’s with his work friends.  I really liked everyone a lot, and Libby’s house was pretty cool.  I still hadn’t had dinner at this point, so I was a little giddy all evening, but it fit in well with the atmosphere since the others had been partying for a while before we arrived.

That’s all to report for now.  Today I hope to go for a run and then on a hunt for black jeans.  Turns out “just wear black” meant “you can wear absolutely anything as long as it seems mostly black,” so I’ll be looking for comfy/casual stuff.  Yay!


Author: emma a.

I'm Emma, a Minnesota girl getting back in touch with my creative side. Since graduating university in 2008 (the first time), I've been traveling and living abroad. Seven years ago I settled in Australia with my husband. I love running, reading, writing, knitting and pilates. I'm also a physiotherapy student and soon-to-be mother of a baby boy.

2 thoughts on “SA-TUR-DAY NIGHT!”

  1. Hi Sweetie,

    I don’t know if you actually got my last message. Happy to hear you have a job. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Love you! Mom

  2. Emma:
    Great news about the job. I hope all is well with you and Matt. Please tell him I say, hello.
    Love ya,

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